Mary Morgan

Obituary of Mary Morgan

Mary A. Morgan

June 5, 1944 - March 5, 2018

Mary Alice Morgan, 73, passed away on March 5th in Vancouver, WA. Mary Alice was born the day before D day, in June 5th 1944. She was born to Filmore Stevens Witte and Gladys (Corber) Witte. She was the oldest of 6 children and always felt a responsibility being the oldest child. She started out the 60’s as a teenager, but never got involved with the issues that decade brought, but instead always strived to be a good a good kid and later adult.

She married in the mid-sixties and shortly afterwards became pregnant and had her son Steven on August 23rd 1968. The marriage became impossible for her to stay in and within the first couple years of her son’s life, found herself a divorced single mother in her mid 20’s. Back in those days, divorce was barely becoming accepted and still held somewhat of a stigma within society. Despite this, she was determined to support her son on her own, without any type of public assistance. She had always planned on being a housewife and mother, much like her mother was. Although it wasn’t within her life plan, she went to work and did the very best she could and had zero regrets for doing so. She was proud of what she had done and had every right to be so. Not only did she support her son, but she strived and went to great lengths to what best for her son. Public schools would have been much cheaper for her, but she sent Steven to a private Catholic school. As her son got older, he became more difficult. She bent over backwards to do what she thought was the best for her son, regardless of the position it put her in to do so. She was caring and generous helping those in need often to her own detriment.

Mary Alice was dedicated to her faith and the Catholic Church, she even considered entering the sisterhood for a time.  She worked at the Nativity Catholic Church in Southern California and also worked in the office at Bridgestone tires for a while.

Mary Alice enjoyed road trips and just riding in the car.  She enjoyed many arts and crafts, especially beading.

Although she struggled with chronic health issues, which sometimes got her down, she never lost faith or hope.  Even as she was facing her own death, she was more concerned with others and making sure her son was going to be okay.

She is survived by her son Steven and her siblings

She will be forever loved and missed

A Memorial Mass will be held on Wednesday, March 28th, 2018 at 11:00AM  at  St Joseph Catholic Church.

Memorial donations may be made to St. Vincent de Paul